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Operating a nonprofit organization can be filled with legal challenges such as managing volunteers, raising funds and helping your constituents. With ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding nonprofits, it is more important than ever to ensure your organization is a legal and safe operation for all persons involved.

3 Tips for Legal Issues at Nonprofit Organizations

1. Use Contracts: Although your nonprofit organization might not be a typical for-profit business, protecting yourself by using contracts is still important. Having a standard contract for volunteers to sign will ensure they understand your organization and the work that needs to be done. Be sure to collect medical information and photo releases from volunteers in case of emergency and to reduce legal complications when sharing photos from your nonprofit organization.

2. Follow the Law: While your nonprofit might not have a lot of employees, chances are there are a lot of volunteers helping your organization achieve their mission. Whether your volunteers build houses or cook food for seniors, they still need to adhere to proper protocol set forth by governing organizations such as OSHA and your local health department. Complying with local rules and regulations can help prevent legal issues for your organization in the future.

3. Create Rules: Whether your nonprofit organization has a full staff or depends almost entirely on volunteers, creating a list of standards and expectations can ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding day-to-day operations. Additionally, this can provide support if you ever need to dismiss a volunteer from their role for any reason that violates the list of rules for your organization.

Managing a nonprofit can be a rewarding experience and a way to empower and improve your community by helping those in need. Still have questions? Visit our website at thewilkersonlawoffice.com to learn more about how we can help your nonprofit organization today!

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Asha Wilkerson is the founder of The Wilkerson Law Office. Ms. Wilkerson provides skilled advice and counsel to for-profit, non-profit, and faith-based organizations in the areas of business and employment law. The mission of The Wilkerson Law Office, is to preserve the longevity of your business by ensuring that every aspect of your organization is legally sound and operating in compliance with state and federal law.

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