Ask Asha! Episode 002: Lessons I Learned In Cuba

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Lessons from Cuba #1: Values are More Important Than Money

I just touched down after my second visit to the beautiful country of Cuba. I first went to Cuba 10 years ago through a study abroad program and quickly fell in love. After 10 years I can say without a doubt that no love has been lost. Cuba is an amazing place, but it is not without its challenges.

Cuba is a place that is rich in culture, music, and dance. Society as a whole seems to value community above everything else. If I looked lost walking down the street people would quickly ask if I needed help or directions. If the person I was speaking to didn’t have an answer, they did not hesitate to ask their neighbor to help me out. Family is important, children are valued, and education is foremost.

There is no doubt that every Cuban is hurting for more money, but I believe that the society operates as a whole because the country believes in collective values and everybody upholds those values.

In your own business, it’s important to think about the money, but don’t underestimate the importance of having strong values. What does your company stand for? What do you believe in as a leader? How will you hire the next wave of employees to carry out your vision?

We probably talk about financials the most, but starting with a good strong foundation is important to getting you to where you want to go. My suggestion, especially if you are a startup, is to be strong in values and when the money comes (because it will) you’ll know exactly what to do with it.

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