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Classes for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Know your risks. Seize your opportunities.

Did you know?

-Small businesses “make up a huge percentage of the employment options in the U.S. – nearly 99 percent nationally.” –

-For this reason, small businesses are considered to be the “backbone” of the American economy. 

In other words: how your business performs matters – not just to you, but to your employees and to the economy. Your success is what we might call “kind of a big deal.”

Addressing your legal risks is not simply a bureaucratic nuisance — it’s an opportunity to give your business the best chance it has of succeeding.

For this reason, I offer tailor-made legal classes for you in several priority areas. In my classes, you’ll learn, ask questions, and walk away with the information you need for your business to survive and thrive.

Priority Areas:

  • -Business and Employment Law: Learn how to bring on new employees legally and how to identify and avoid areas of liability.
  • Contracts Classes: Learn how to form and draft contracts and agreements specific to your company’s needs.
  • Diversity Training: Communicate with employees of diverse backgrounds so you can successfully recruit and retain them.
  • Leadership Training: Learn how to manage your office, deal with employee conflict, and other vital aspects of leadership.
  • Sexual Harassment Training: Learn to identify and prevent unacceptable behaviors that threaten your employees and your business.

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