Positive Feedback: 3 Tips for Your Small Business

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The financial challenge of rewarding employees can put pressure on small business owners and their business strategy. Unlike large corporations, there might not be the luxury of a large employee base that generates millions (or billions) of dollars that can be given back to employees as a reward for their customer service skills. This is a struggle for owners who want to reward their employees but do not have the resources to do so, leaving them unable to acknowledge employees’ professional efforts in the work place. If you’re a small business owner facing challenges of recognizing employees in a meaningful way, check out these three tips to learn more about how to reward employees’ customer service skills!

3 Ways to Give Positive Feedback in Your Small Business 

Free: Acknowledging employees’ superior customer service skills with positive feedback doesn’t need to break the bank at your small business! Honor employees for free by giving them public honors that can be posted on social media, internal communications such as newsletters or memos, or by holding a special meeting to recognize an employees’ exemplary professional achievements. Employees that receive special recognition will appreciate their customer service skills being highlighted in a meaningful way in front of their peers.

Budget-Friendly: For small business owners with a little bit of extra money to support their efforts to honor exemplary employees, there are options for small gifts to accompany free forms of positive feedback. Consider making the gift personal by offering something that is close to the employees’ heart such as a gift card to the coffee shop they visit each morning before work, or a personalized piece of company swag such as a jacket, pens or jewelry.

Real Rewards: ∫By honoring an employees’ customer service skills, small businesses are able to acknowledge employees on an individual basis. For those with a large budget, consider offering a surprise vacation or staycation, a substantial financial bonus or a large event held in their honor.

Keeping and managing employees is a tough job that can be made easier by allowing employees to be genuinely recognized for their efforts at work in a meaningful way. Are you grappling with being able to provide meaningful positive feedback or discipline employees at your small business? Contact The Wilkerson Law Office today for expert legal advice and services regarding employment and contract law!

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