Advertising Techniques: 3 Digital Marketing Tips

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In order for small businesses to be successful, people must first be aware of the products and services available. Digital marketing is one of many great advertising techniques for organizations of any size to spread the news about their business or services to the local community. While advertising should be clever to ensure it is eye-catching and effective, owners of small businesses must tread with caution to avoid legal troubles pertaining to their advertising efforts. Check out these 3 tips to keep your advertising fun, free and legal!

Advertising Techniques: 3 Tips for Small Businesses

  1. Copy Cat vs Copyright: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however that could land small businesses in legal trouble. While advertising efforts from other organizations might catch your eye, copying them could be against the law due to intellectual property laws that protect creative works. Consider creating an original idea or design to avoid trademark infringement and customize marketing efforts with a unique logo to represent your group or business.
  2. Honesty Policy: Advertising is a platform for organizations to promote what they do in a positive light in order to grow their brand, increase sales and more. However being honest is integral to digital marketing and traditional advertising, especially on product packaging. Avoid making false or sensationalized claims to consumers and you could save yourself a legal headache later from customers seeking legal retribution for any alleged misrepresentation promoted through advertisements.
  3. Word of Mouth: Sometimes the best digital marketing efforts aren’t the ones that cost millions of dollars. Small business owners should always keep an eye (or ear) out for potential advertising opportunities. Although it is one of the more traditional advertising techniques, it can be given a modern twist with review websites such as Yelp to allow customers to leave glowing reviews after a pleasant visit to your small business or organization.

Keeping up with other small businesses through creative digital marketing can be a great way to boost business and spread news or information. Following these tips for your advertising techniques will ensure that your organization can avoid costly legal issues while keeping marketing costs low. Is your small business facing copyright or other legal issues? Contact The Wilkerson Law Office for expert legal advice for your organization or nonprofit today!

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