Employee Motivation: 3 Tips for Employee Benefits

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Is employee motivation low due to tempting, warm summer weather? Offering employee benefits that allow for time off of work can help manage the amount of time an employee takes off and when, particularly during busy summer months. Paid time off, otherwise known as PTO, might be an option for some small business owners to offer workers as a part of their employee benefits. However, there are several options available that will allow for employee travel time and still keep your small business running smoothly!

Travel Time & Employee Benefits: 3 Tips for Employee Motivation

  1. Be Flexible: Consider offering employees the option to work a flexible schedule to reduce the need for vacation time. With a flexible work schedule, employees are still responsible for working a full work week. If flexible scheduling isn’t available at work, allowing employees to telecommute provides them with personal time management flexibility while remaining liable for their work as usual.
  2. Offer Incentives: Think about offering travel time incentives for employees to work during popular dates to increase employee motivation. Need some inspiration? Travel time rain checks are a great way to work with employees seeking time off! This allows an employee to work a certain date or holiday in exchange for mutually decided time off in the future. This is a great opportunity for employees with PTO employee benefits and allows work schedule flexibility.
  3. Be Upfront: Maintaining an employee handbook is helpful for many reasons, but especially for small business owners dealing with issues regarding travel time and PTO. Conveying vacation expectations and PTO policies in an employee handbook will ensure that all workers are aware of standard policy and procedures of taking time off at any time of the year.

 Allowing employees to have travel time doesn’t need to disrupt business productivity, especially when expectations of employee vacations are presented upfront. Offering different methods for time off can help ensure that employee motivation levels remain consistent all year long while allowing employees to maintain work-life balance.

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