Essential Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

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Developing a social media marketing plan is important to the success of any company, but can be especially powerful for small businesses focused on direct advertising. With social media, organizations of any size can develop relationships with their target audience with direct digital engagement.

Growing Your Small Business with Social Media

Why Use Social Media Marketing: Using this new form of advertising is a way to boost the image of your small business by marketing directly to your intended audience. With recent technological innovations, search engine optimization software is able to learn more about how audiences consume media in order to develop more effective advertising tactics and methods. Small business owners can take advantage of popular tools such as Google Analytics to learn how social media efforts are impacting traffic to your website.

How to do Social Media Marketing: Developing a social media marketing plan for your small business includes coming up with a strategy and creating and managing social media accounts. Be sure to use strategic content designed for your target market and post on a regular basis. Programs such as HootSuite can be an efficient in saving time by scheduling social media posts in advance, leaving you more free time to focus on running the business.

Legal Issues in Social Media Marketing: When using photos in your social media marketing campaign, be sure to give credit to the source of the photo if you do not own the rights to the photograph. Copyright laws protect many photographs, while some stock photos are free to use, so be sure to check prior to posting on social media. Make sure to honor your company and customers by maintaining separate social media accounts for your small business and yourself personally. This can prevent potential confusion regarding information related to you and information about your small business.

Creating an effective social media marketing campaign can increase awareness of your small business in addition to providing advertising directly to your target audience. Be sure to visit for weekly updates on the latest issues facing small businesses, churches and nonprofits!

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