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The holidays are generally one of the busiest times of year for requested time off. From mid-November to the end of December it seems that most people have places to be, far away from their home base. But what about your work? Do you expect to get paid because the office closed for a holiday? Do you think you’re entitled to an extended vacation? Here are some facts about vacation time and holiday pay in California that you may not have known.

3 Facts about Holiday Leave and Pay

  • Holiday Pay

Did you know that you’re not entitled to extra holiday pay? Labor laws do not require employers to pay for business closures on federal or other holidays. It is up to the individual employer to create any additional benefits for its employees.

  • Salary vs. Hourly Employees

Depending on your arrangement with your employer, you may be an hourly or salaried employee. During the closure of a business for a holiday, hourly employees are not required to be paid. They should only expect pay for the time that they actually are working. Salaried employees though should still be paid as if the holiday is a work day. As long as they work any hours during the week the holiday falls, salaried employees should expect to be paid as usual.

  • Time Off

This may be a surprise too, but employers are not required to offer vacation or sick leave. There is currently no federal law that requires employers to pay for sick leave or vacation leave. While most industries and companies offer something to be a better competitor in the workforce, not all jobs provide such benefits.

Did any of these facts about holiday pay and leave surprise you? Many industries offer some benefits for their employees to show appreciation and offer competitive perks, though they do not have to. Which facts about holiday leave and vacation pay surprised you?

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