How to Handle Inappropriate Attire in the Workplace

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Let’s face it – managing employees can be tough. There are times when an employee is dressed inappropriately in the workplace and perhaps causes you or your employees to feel uncomfortable. Read on to learn about three common workplace wardrobe problems regarding inappropriate attire and how to solve them in a professional manner.

3 Dress Code Problems and How to Solve Them

  1. Be upfront and clear about expectations: When hiring a new employee, be clear from the beginning about your workplace culture and attire standards. For some workplaces, wearing yoga pants is an acceptable option, but for some corporate environments it might be considered inappropriate attire. If there is a specific type of attire needed to perform essential job functions, consider keeping a photo in the break room or other area that depicts the proper clothes and how to wear them.
  2. Create an official dress code: Each workplace is different and setting clear codes for acceptable attire in the workplace can ensure employees will be held responsible for their own adherence to the dress code. When implementing a dress code, be sure to clearly explain the standards of appropriate and inappropriate attire to the employee. Consider having them sign a document confirming their knowledge and understanding of your expectations.
  3. Speak with the employee in private: If an employee violates the company standards, then address them in private regarding their inappropriate attire. When speaking to the employee, refer to the dress code and explain the importance of it. Be clear with the employee about how they violated the dress code and what they can do ensure they properly adhere to the company expectations in the future.

Having a dress code will ensure a safe and rewarding workplace environment for all of your employees. Protect yourself from awkward situations by having standards and expectations in place for your business to ensure a safe and professional work environment.

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