Maternity Leave: 3 Rules for Your Small Business

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Having an employee take an extended leave of absence can cause a shift in productivity and staffing. While small businesses are not required to pay employees taking maternity or paternal leave from work, there are laws that protect new parents from losing their job as a result of taking a leave of absence. Staying informed about current laws and trends regarding maternity leave can help prevent your business from a costly lawsuit and other legal issues. Check out these 3 tips on managing maternity leave at your small business!

3 Tips for Maternity Leave and Small Businesses

  1. No Pay, No Problem: Paying employees while they are gone on maternity leave isn’t required by law. While some companies and organizations offer some compensation as a part of their employee benefits options, the only requirement for new parents is a minimum of 12 weeks off of work without risk of losing their job according to the Family Leave and Medical Act.
  2. Building Bonds: Newborns bonding with their mothers is an essential part of growth and development for all children in addition to mothers dealing with significant physical challenges during and after pregnancy. Keep this vital time and unique circumstance in mind when creating and implementing maternity leave policies at your small business for new parents.
  3. Power Parents: Some new parents prefer to power through their maternal (or paternal) leave by continuing to work. While these parents might choose to work on their own personal work endeavors such as a new blog or business, they might also be willing to continue working remotely to ease the transition after their leave of absence concludes.

Creating a work environment that fosters support for employees in their professional and personal life can encourage employees to stay committed to their job at your small business. Ensuring that you adhere to all laws pertaining to leave for new parents can prevent expensive legal battles later. If your small business is facing legal issues with employees, contact Wilkerson Stanley, PC for expert legal advice and services today!

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