Online Reputation Management: 3 Tips for Using Social Media in the Workplace

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Using social media in the workplace can be a convenient way to communicate with employees. However, social media usage can have drawbacks when it distracts employees from their work or causes a disruption to a company’s online reputation management. Some companies have even gone so far as to ban using social media in the workplace. Read on to learn 3 tips for managing employees and social media!

Online Reputation Management: 3 Social Media Tips

  1. Create a Rule: Implementing a social media policy in the employee handbook can address a company’s online reputation management and time management concerns. Rules and policies in the handbook are effective in clearly conveying expectations regarding employee’s use of social media while at work and can be used as a reference in case an employee violates a policy.
  2. Implement Social Media Breaks: Designating a specific time for employees to freely access social media can decrease confusion regarding using it in the workplace. Allowing time for a break for employees to access social media can help increase productivity because employees are aware of the time between work and the time designated for social media breaks.
  3. Build Boundaries: Creating space between a company and employees’ personal lives is important, especially with surging social media usage. Make boundaries with employees by only adding them on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn to prevent having awkward interactions or learning too much personal information about employees through social media.

Social media in the workplace can be a very useful communication tool for a company’s online reputation management plan. Are you facing employee discipline issues when it comes to social media? Contact The Wilkerson Law Office for expert legal advice today!

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